dimanche 30 décembre 2012

CLYDIE KING - 1977 - Steps Out (baby grand)

Un autre LP recherché pour finir l'année, dès début janvier je balancerai quelques petites perles histoire de repartir sur de bonnes bases! :) Les extraits tourneront dorénavant dans le lecteur du blog.

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    1. you don't need to listen samples because it's same tracks of his lp 'Clydie King - 1976 - Rushing To Meet You' yes yes

  2. nordine, when you want trade, i have paradise from copeland if you're interest...

  3. Hi Esteban,

    First of all happy new year.
    Mantra has right, the songs of these 2 LP's are the same, just "Rushing to meet you" in a little bit different version.
    Anyway, here we don't speak about rips but vinyls...Mantra maybe forget this particularity of this blog, we're not as those Bentley!! Here real collector. :)

  4. To Mantra, come this week-end to see others that I will put on the blog, you will let me know if they exist in another version!? ;)

  5. a collector who does not know that you do not already powerful Esteban usual off I just wanted to illuminate this issue, though I'm also the continued success of the blog a very pleasant

  6. Sorry Mantra, i'm a little on the defensive with all these jerks on the web.
    You are welcome anytime.


    1. thank you so much right now, you look like I think the best collector, at least he asked mr moo like a fucking album Banni're not doing us

  7. always on defensive...